visualization studio


We are a team of architects and artists who passionately love visual art. That's how we got into the visualization world.

Studio was founded in 2018 by Daria Maistat and Krystyna Savitska in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Each project for us is a new research, new challenge. Each architectural piece has its best sides, views, and our task to catch them, and represent to the world.

We are based in Ukraine, but work worldwide.

Geography of our projects is from Indonesia to Swiss Alps.

As we are graduated architects, we have an advantage in the field of representing architecture. We can easily read it, understand the concepts, tectonics, speak with the architects in the same language, to catch and visualize the main idea of the project.


Not make harm – our value as a human beings, and same we do at work. Scale has no matter, if it’s a cabin or a skyscraper, if this project has same values as we do.

We support young designers and architects. We help them to make their first steps in the profession by illustrating their ideas for competitions, portfolios, and commercial projects.

It's not rare that we work on the design concepts with our clients.

We can create interiors for visualizations of products, to show them not only in the studio set, but also in the apartment.

Same easily we can fill the architectural project with a perfectly fit interior set, to make a nice atmosphere. Also, we can create a conceptual spaces, to emphasize and highlight the object as much as possible.

Special pleasure for us to work with different lightning. To check the mood with a bright daylight, to make an evening view when the light in the object is switched on and it looks so much differently.

To see how the object is changing under the red sunset rays of sun and to visualize silent night when everything around sleeps.

All of these are the special scenarios and life cycles of each object and we are interested to see each of them, to show it to our clients and to the whole world.



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